Page 55 – Rhipis

On Rows 55 & 56 the 4th stitch from the left should be a slipped stitch.

Page 92 – Lacy Pinstripe Cowlette

On Row 5 the Place Marker is off by one stitch, it should read:

Row 5: With B, k2, YO, k1, sl1, YO, ssk, sl1, YO, pm, k1, YO, sl1, k2tog, YO, sl1, k1, YO, k2 [19 sts]

Page 103 – Fractured Helix

On Chart A, Row 2 the 4th stitch in from each edge should be knit sts to maintain the garter selvedge.

Page 109 – Faux Picot Bind-off

The set up instructions should read: Set up: Working into the first double YO, k1, p1, insert LH needle through front loops of 2 sts on RH needle, and k2tog-tbl, do not allow YO to fall off of LH needle.