Page 55 – Rhipis

On Rows 55 & 56 the 4th stitch from the left should be a slipped stitch.

Page 83 – Pinwheel Market Bag

After markers are placed on Round 5 in all following repeats of Round 5 you should slip the already placed markers. Do not add additional markers.

Page 92 – Lacy Pinstripe Cowlette

On Row 5 of the Set up the Place Marker is off by one stitch, it should read:

Row 5: With B, k2, YO, k1, sl1, YO, ssk, sl1, YO, pm, k1, YO, sl1, k2tog, YO, sl1, k1, YO, k2 [19 sts]

Page 93 – Lacy Pinstripe Cowlette

When you stop one stitch short of finishing Row 5 you need to slip that final stitch to the RH needle. You then position the needles to join in the round and follow the joining instructions.

Page 103 – Fractured Helix

On Chart A, Row 2 the 4th stitch in from each edge should be knit sts to maintain the garter selvedge.

On Chart C, Row 10 there should be one additional stitch on each edge between the selvedge and the repeated stitches.

Page 109 – Faux Picot Bind-off

The set up instructions should read: Set up: Working into the first double YO, k1, p1, insert LH needle through front loops of 2 sts on RH needle, and k2tog-tbl, do not allow YO to fall off of LH needle.