The theme for this month’s Favorite 5 video is Beaded Knitting Patterns. This theme was suggested by one of my YouTube viewers named Denise and I was happy to oblige! The most difficult thing about this particular task was narrowing it down to only one pattern per designer. It seems that when a knitwear designer is bitten by the bead bug they frequently fall hard. And honestly, who can blame them. In perusing beaded patterns on Ravelry it gave me the urge to design once again with beads. I can feel it coming on…


If you want to know why I picked all of these patterns I explain it all in the video above, but everyone likes to look at pretty pictures so you can see them below too. Please know that these are not in any sort of “ranking” order. Click on the photos to be taken to each pattern’s Ravelry page if you want to purchase the pattern.

Celaeno by Romi Hill © Rosemary Hill

First off is Celano by Romi Hill. This is one of many beautiful beaded pieces from Romi. I chose this one because it is actually the very first beaded pattern I ever knit.

Beaded Button Bracelets! by Sivia Harding © Sivia Harding

If you want to try out several different beading techniques in a small format then these beautiful bracelets from Sivia Harding are just the thing. Sivia is another designer with oodles of beautifully beaded patterns.

Gledholt by Ann Kingstone photo © Wooly Wormhead

A more subtle but stunning approach to beading can be found in this sweater from Ann Kingstone.

Faberge by Laura Aylor © Laura Aylor

I couldn’t resist another shawl, but this one has the beads against interesting texture as opposed to lace.

Peacock Cowl by Stephannie Tallent photo © Kathy Cadigan

And this cowl – what can I say about this cowl? It is a work of art that includes beading, intarsia, embroidery, and duplicate stitching. I want to knit this one day.

And to round things out I show off my pattern BitterBlue in the video. What do you think should be my next beaded pattern? Maybe another shawl? 😉





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