I decided to try something new this month and asked the members of the Watch Barbara Knits FaceBook group what they would like to see in this week’s Favorite 5 video. I was kind of surprised when more than one knitter asked for market bags! In spending a little bit of time perusing market bags on Ravelry (all right, waaaay more than a little bit) I learned some interesting things. One is that there aren’t as many different market bag patterns as one might think. Secondly, a disproportionate number of the market bag patterns I really liked were in books as opposed to available as single patterns. Of course this makes me ponder a couple of things. A) Why the book thing? B) Should I design some market bags? I’d love to hear your answers to these questions!

As usual I go into detail in the video as to why I chose each pattern so please check it out. But if you are in a non-video watching scenario you can see my picks and brief descriptions below.

This Little Piggy Went to Market by Dana Gervaise is a classic market bag with a bit of a twist. There is an integrated pouch that allows you to carry it around all folded up! Dana has also generously offered a discount on this pattern! If you use the coupon code ‘Barbara’ when you check out on Ravelry you can receive 20% off of the pattern price (good until December 31, 2017)!

Photograph © Martingale & Company/Brent Kane

Off to Market by Jen Lucas brings stability to a market bag by working with sock weight yarn held double. This pattern can be found in her book Sock-Yarn Accessories which is available on Amazon (affiliate link)

Treasure Bag by Jessica Anderson is part of the book Lorelei’s Journey: Knitting for (Mermaid) Dolls and those who Love Them, which is precisely as adorable as it sounds!

Photograph © Christine Guest

The Carpette Bag by Christine Guest sent me into fits of giggles with its pun and fancy fish motif. How can you not love this?

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And I strayed a bit from the “market” bag category to include the super sweet Galworthy Gift Bag by Kirsten Kapur from the book Drop Dead Easy Knits (Amazon link). This lovely and delicate little bag would be a wonderful way to keep your change safe in one of the larger mesh bags. While they work great on apples, quarters not so much.

At the end of the video I also shared the first (and only so far) market bag that I have designed. It is the Pinwheel Market Bag from my book Mosaic & Lace Knits! (Amazon link) It is knit in DK weight cotton and makes use of the sturdiness of mosaic fabric to rein in the large mesh body of the bag. The mosaic also makes a very sturdy handle for the bag. I had a lot of fun knitting it and am seriously considering designing another. What would you want in a market bag?


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