For this month’s Favorite 5 video I found myself drawn to Linear Lace patterns. I’m pretty sure that isn’t an official term for these but it was what was drawing my attention. These lace patterns, where the lines of yarn overs march along in tidy rows or on the diagonal really soothe something in me. My need for order maybe? They are elegant and modern and unlike what we typically think of as “lace”. So I thought they deserved their time in the spotlight too!

If you want to know why I picked all of these patterns I explain it all in the video above, but everyone likes to look at pretty pictures so you can see them below too. Please know that these are not in any sort of “ranking” order. Click on the photos to be taken to each pattern’s Ravelry page if you want to purchase the pattern.

Photograph © Jennifer Dassau

To start things off I chose this beautiful cardigan called Avix from Jennifer Dassau. It is knit in the worsted weight yarn Yowza! from Miss Babs and it is a knockout.

Photograph © Stitch Definition/Jen Lucas

This is Hogmanay from Jen Lucas and I love how it manages to be very angular and swoopy all at the same time. It’s magic!

Photograph © Simone Kereit

These Spiral Lace Mitts from Simone Kereit are the perfect example of how a small amount of perfectly placed lace can elevate a pattern to sophistication.

Photograph © Amy van de Laar

And as usual, I couldn’t resist another shawl. I bet you can see why I chose this one; Silverwing from Amy van de Laar. The movement in this shawl is stunning and it evokes an outstretched wing precisely as the designer intended.

Photograph © Andrea Rangel

And we wrap things up with this loose and lovely Passages cowl from Andrea Rangel. It manages to be fine and lacy without being fussy. The chevron points keep your eye moving right along in their delicate tracks.

And I had a shawl that I felt fit in with this theme. This is Irulan and I think that the combination of garter, stockinette, and linear lace all come together to create an elegant but totally wearable shawl. And of course knitting it up in the super luxurious Ultraluxe Light from Sunshine Yarn was a treat.

So, is there any theme you would like me to do a Fave 5 on? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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