The theme for this month’s Favorite 5 video is Shawls with Elegant Edgings. For the purpose of this particular adventure I looked for shawl patterns where the edging was a significant or the significant design element of the piece. Sometimes an amazing edging is really all you need. Several of the techniques that I am highlighting are ones that I have struggled with in the past and that I wish I could figure out. So this list falls somewhere between admiration and envy.



If you want to know why I picked all of these patterns I explain it all in the video above, but everyone likes to look at pretty pictures so you can see them below too. Please know that these are not in any sort of “ranking” order. Click on the photos to be taken to each pattern’s Ravelry page if you want to purchase the pattern.

Furinji by Angela Tong Photo © Miss Babs

I love the extended picots on this shawl. They are unusual and beautifully integrated into the pattern.

Cumberland by Tabetha Hedrick Photo © SweetGeorgia Yarns

The loopy, scalloped edging on this shawl brings the whole piece together. I brings a lightness to the piece that elevates the entire feel of the shawl.

Radiant Aura by Xandy Peters Photo © Xandy Peters/EPS Photography

I love how the edging is somehow just an extension of the whole but distinctive in and of itself.

Brunswick by Mindy Wilkes Photo © Mindy Wilkes

A completely different approach to picots with a picot hem actually occuring within the body of the shawl! Brilliant.

Short Beach Shawl by Kirsten Kapur Photo © Gale Zucker

The fringe on this piece is so inviting I want to run my hands through it. It is the definition of elegant. If you are looking to knit this shawl it is part of the book Drop Dead Easy Knits! (affiliate link)


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One thought on “Favorite 5 Shawl Patterns with Elegant Edgings

  • March 10, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    What nice designs!


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