I’m not really sure how it came to this. I just published my 81st design and if I am counting right it is the 28th shawl that I have designed. That number kinda overwhelms me, but it is beside the point. The point I was trying to get to is that this is the very first traditionally shaped top down triangle shawl that I have designed! Who’d of thought it would take me this long to get around to it?

Ready Player One, by Barbara Benson. A hand knitted top down triangle shawl with slip stitch colorwork and lace.

But I am quite pleased with it, even though the math was considerably more difficult than I had anticipated. You see, figuring out the yarn usage and determining the perfect spot to start the slip stitch colorwork took a whole spreadsheet. I wanted to use up just enough of the Burgundy in the texture portion of the shawl so that I would have the right amount of that color to complete the mosaic. After the mosaic was finished I continued with the Hazlenut color for the lace. But the math! Oy! I got it eventually.

A soft shawl wrapped around the neck featuring mosaic colorwork and lace.
The classic kerchief wrap!

This yarn? Sport weight Aspen from Baah! Yarns. It is a Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend and I just want to wrap up in it and snuggle. It’s one of the reasons the majority of this shawl is solid. It works beautifully in the lace, but I wanted the comfy factor to be very high! I think that the color combination feels very rich and indulgent, but I also cannot wait to see what other color combos y’all knitters dream up! Please come share it with me in my Ravelry Group!

Ready Player One, by Barbara Benson. A hand knitted top down triangle shawl with slip stitch colorwork and lace.
A different approach to styling the shawl.

Finally, the name? Well, when I was knitting up the mosaic colorwork I could not shake the feeling that the crescent shapes looked like a little row of Pac Man’s chasing after one another. The more I looked at it the more I saw them. That led me to select a lace pattern with angles and linear motifs that I hope evoke a maze-like feeling representing the board around which Pac Man dashed! Of course – you can see in it whatever you want. I can also visualize the colorwork motifs as hearts and I am curious to know what y’all see?

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