If you happened to be wondering why crazy variegated yarn was on my mind in my last post, well, I have been working on a pair of socks for the last few weeks. This is my very first sock design and I am both excited and nervous to release it.

And it is made to highlight variegated yarn. Specifically the amazing yarn from The Fiber Seed. After developing something I called the Sandpiper Stitch for my hat Luidia I just had to see what the stitch looked like with variegated yarn. Luckily the lovely Lindsay who is the dying genius at The Fiber Seed was willing to send me some swatching yarn, but it was in fingering as opposed to the DK that used for the hat (both yarns are awesome and 100% made in the USA).

After I swatched it in sock weight yarn it pretty much demanded to be a sock. I had a discussion with it. I explained that I don’t actually design socks. But it refused to listen. I mean, I’ve knit socks before and it was all like – you need to step up and design some socks.

Here you can see the contrasting heel/toe!

So I did. And I love them.

With the combination of slipped stitches and lifted bars the color dances across these socks. And as usual with slipped stitches you are just knitting stripes so there isn’t any yarn management. I chose to start toe up so that the stitch would orient in the correct direction (no upside down stitches for me) and went with an afterthought heel so that I could do a contrasting heel/toe. There’s no good reason for that other than I really like the look of a contrasting heel/toe.

The sock on my left foot scrunched down a bit, but I was trying not to fall off the wall.

I had to tinker with the stitch a bit. For the hat I dealt with the contraction caused by both techniques by going up a needle size. That doesn’t work with socks because you need a dense fabric so that they will wear well. So I built in some yarn overs that are dropped to provide slack to the slipped stitches. And the yarn over falls behind the other slipped stitches so you get one extra stitch of length in the bar that you will later lift. I know this sounds confusing but it will totally make sense when you read the pattern.

The bottom of the foot is stockinette because who wants to walk on slipped stitches?

I cannot wait to see what other amazing color combinations that people choose. The Fiber Seed has amazing variegated yarns and solids to go with each one. Go crazy, it’s socks!

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